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Start your Layman's Lumber Guide subscription and get your first two months free. Spend the first month just observing, getting familiar with Layman's Lumber Guide, self-coaching, and corresponding with me. The second month, act on the strategies. That is all there is to it.

What You Get

Lumber Market Forecast

  • Emailed Sunday Evenings

  • Near and Long Term Analyses

  • Forecasts & Strategies

Lumber Market Briefing

  • Emailed Wednesday Evening

  • Analyses, Forecasts & Strategies (Money Makers)

  • Futures Market Impact on Cash Market (Pushing or Pulling)

Lumber Market Blueprint

  • Emailed Last Day of Month

  • 30-60-90 day Forecasts

  • Long range buying and bidding strategies (More Money Makers.)

Is LLG right for you?

  • Do you buy or sell multiple rail or truck-loads of lumber or OSB every week?
  • Does the lumber market ever catch you by surprise?
  • Does it periodically cost you painful amounts of hard-earned money?

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No special reports. No desk clutter gifts, just 86% accurate lumber market forecasts (+/- 1 week) that you can use today to help you buy cheaper and sell higher.

  • Personally delivered from me to you every Wednesday and Sunday evening.
  • Private phone line for confidential consultations.

Start Your First 2 Month Subscription Free

One Texas multi-family builder picked off $220,000 in June 2018 just by delaying his purchase on one job for 30 days when LLG forecasted a Memorial Day to July 4th $100/mbft crash. He bought two other jobs right at the peak and left $220k each on the table. That was in his first month, when he was only observing. That was for free.


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